Transition to Corema

We offer a smooth and straight forward transition to Corema.
Before transition we provide an overview of the time and resources needed.

Painless transfer of your data

Depending on your collection size, data complexity and quality the migration usually takes between 5-10 working days. With advance review of your data and careful planning we make the migration as swift as possible. When we migrate your data to Corema you can still use your current system, but you cannot add or change any records during this process.

  • We have an extensive experience regarding migration from both commercial and user defined databases.
  • The migration will be undertaken by an experienced taxonomist with in-depth knowledge of the database and the system.
  • Data cleaning is very important for us and we strive to do as much as possible within the agreed migration period.
  • Your preferred taxonomy will be continued. For botany we can update your taxonomy to the APG IV classification (genera and above).

Smooth transition for staff

Corema is easy to use and requires little or no training.

  • Our free trial software allows staff to become familiar with Corema before you make your transition.
  • Free training material is available. We also offer paid training.
  • Free support is included in the annual fee.
  • A context sensitive Reference Guide is integrated in the system.

Simple installation

Installation of Corema can be carried out by your own IT staff or by contractors. See our installation guide.

  • Installation on desktops is straightforward and follows best practices and recommendations from Microsoft.
  • Installation of the database will be followed up and verified regarding security and backups.
  • Free support for the installation is included in the annual fee.